Water tank Cleaning & disinfection

As per Dubai Municipality, its recommended to clean the water tank every six months.
Because over time Dirt, debris and other impurities will accumulate in the water tank.
That will affect water quality negatively.The accumulated bacteria, funges and other
microorganisms may lead to water-borne diseases.

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Our Water tank cleaning

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Risks of uncleaned water tanks:

The one thing that we all commonly forget to clean are water tanks. Its no ones fault, we give the least importance to it even though our everyday things go smoothly due to water stored in water tanks.

Our lives get busy and we will not get time to even think about it. The reason we give least importance to it is because we lack the knowledge of the risks associated with it.

Contaminated water in tanks can lead to many diseases if not cleaned regularly. The dirt that comes form the water line gets accumulated in the bottom of the tank and turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt.

A dirty tank can accumulate rust, sediment, and silt over time; in few extreme circumstances, untreated tanks can become contaminated with organic matter such as leaves and tiny animals.

Al Rasa provides water tank cleaning services on a regular basis to help make sure you’re living your best life.

Long Life

Regular water tank cleaning will help reduce corrosion and damage, thus ensuring long life.

save money
Save money

Regular water tank cleaning will help save money in future by reducing repair cost, if situation arises.

Better health

Regular water tank cleaning will help improve health of users by making sure the water does not get contaminated.

Clean and safe

Regular water tank cleaning will ensure the cleanliness of water tank and will also protect your family from water-borne diseases.

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