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In general, frequent house cleanings are less expensive than extensive cleanings.

However, because regular cleaning in Dubai is largely about maintenance, it is normally done on a set timetable. For example, depending on your needs, the cleaning service can visit your home every two weeks or once a month. When it comes to the distinction between normal and deep cleaning, both are thorough, but the latter is more extensive and intense.

Hourly Cleaning:

We have hourly cleaning services available for customers in need of this service.

Quality cleaning within an hour and easy on the pocket.

The professional and well-trained cleaners have been thoroughly screened before being hired and we can guarantee you of great cleaning service with no additional charges.

Soft Cleaning:

Soft cleaning is a process that uses low pressure and specialized solutions to remove mildew, germs, algae, and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors safely.

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Hourly Cleaning:

All of us get busy with work and will feel lazy to do a regular clean-up of rooms. Worry not, our trained staff at Al Rasa can help do regular cleaning in your home. We make use of high-end cleaning products to make your home look new and fresh again. This will help you relax peacefully after a long day of work.

Dusting, cleaning and polishing furniture, vacuuming, carpet shampooing, and bin replacement are all part of our services.


Office Cleaning:

Keeping your office surroundings clean is necessary so as to provide a good working atmosphere to employees and provide a great purchasing atmosphere to customers.

We at Al Rasa make this a priority and make use of high-end cleaning products by adhering to the government policies and guidelines, and provide a great clean experience.

Top 6 cleaning processes includes:-


1. General Cleaning:

We at Al Rasa make this a priority and make use of high-end cleaning products by adhering to the government policies and guidelines, and provide a great clean experience.


2. Furniture Cleaning:

Cleaning is not only making sure of clean surroundings, its also about cleanliness of everyday furniture we use. Therefore, Al Rasa puts to good use its quality cleaning products to clean everyday furniture like table, carpets, sofa, chair, etc.


3. Kitchen Cleaning:

During the kitchen cleaning process we cover all kitchen cabinets, utensils, floor, sink, etc to make sure of utmost cleanliness. As clean kitchen means a healthy lifestyle.


4. Washroom Cleaning:

Washrooms are the ones that get dirty fast, and also if not cleaned regularly, it can result in diseases.
Our professional staff inspects the washroom's condition and then decides the appropriate cleaning method to produce maximum cleanliness


5. Glass Cleaning

Al Rasa leaves no stones unturned. We make sure to clean all glass surfaces at home or office atmosphere with high quality glass cleaners to disinfect them and make them shiny.


6. Trash Removal:

Cleaning is never complete without the removal of trash. Our trained staff have professional and save means of doing trash removal once we have completed all cleaning.

Work Scopes of Professional Soft Cleaning


  • Moping
  • Wiping
  • Vaccuming entire floor area
  • Soft cleaning of washrooms and kitchen area
  • Dusting with brush outside interlock area


  • Wash Floors.
  • Clean sinks and drain boards.
  • Damp wipe kitchen cabinets
  • Spot clean door and light switches.


  • Wet mop Floors.
  • Clean Washbasins and Fittings.
  • Clean and dry buff taps
  • Scrub WC Pans.
  • Mirrors to be cleaned and dry buffing.

In need of a cleaning service?

Deep and regular cleaning services are essential for improving the health, appearance and air quality in our homes and office spaces.

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