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Pest control in Dubai

Al Rasa pest control services are available at your doorstep if you live in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

We provide flexible cleaning services that include one-time pest control treatment, monthly treatments, quarterly treatments and annual contracts that suit your needs.

Our service ranges from . We use the most effective pesticides which are approved by the Dubai municipality and ministry of climate change and disaster management.

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Is your kitchen truly yours?!
Get Pest control now to reclaim your Kitchen!

Major Pests Found In The UAE

Uae Is Home To A Variety Of Pests Because Of Its Hot Weather Conditions. The Most Common Pests Found In The UAE
Are Listed As Follows,

To Get Rid Of These Pests And Live A Healthy Lifestyle, We Highly Recommend You Seek Al Rasa’s Professional Pest
Control Treatment That Helps You Achieve A Peaceful Lifestyle.


Ants Are Mostly Found In The Garden And Are Mostly Seen As Colonies.


Although Lizards Are Harmless, Children Are To Be Kept Away From These Organisms.


There Are A Variety Of Cockroaches Found Across The Uae. They Are Mostly Found In The Kitchen And Feed On Food Particles.


Since 90s’ Rats Have Been A Common Threat To Humans Causing A Variety Of Diseases That Could Be Fatal.

Bed Bugs:

Normally Found On The Bed Or Other Furniture Where They Hide In The Beddings. These Organisms Feed On Human Blood And Could Cause Irritation To Human Beings.


Spiders Are Commonly Found In Unused Apartments Or Households. While The Majority Of Its Species Are Harmless, Highly Poisonous Spiders Are Also Seen In The Uae.

Dust Mites:

Almost All Types Of Mites Are Barely Visible To The Naked Eye And Cause Health Issues In Human Beings Which Include Asthma And Other Allergic Reactions.


Snakes Are Extremely Dangerous And Poisonous. Luckily, Chances Of Seeing Snakes At Your Households In Uae Are Very Unlikely. However, It Is To Be Kept In Mind That Warm Weather Conditions Favor Their Survival.

Pest Control Treatment In Villas

A number of pests can be seen in and around villa premises that range from the tiny ants to large and enormous rats.

Rats and rodents are best treated with poison baits and these baits are placed in areas where there is not much access to pets and children.

Pharaoh ants, sometimes called Sugar Ants, are one of the common ant species found in the UAE.

Although these organisms aren’t dangerous to human beings, they are mostly annoying and could take away the peace at your home.

They invade new apartments or villas through cracks and crevices or maybe picked up from your recent guest at home.

These ants are seen in colonies, and they can breed very quickly giving rise to a large number of ant colonies.

Pest Control Treatment In Apartments

Pest control companies in the UAE have reported that German cockroaches are the most common cockroaches found inresidential and commercial facilities in the UAE.

It has also been reported that most of the cockroaches have developed immune resistance to the modern-day pesticides that are available in the market.

According to scientists, cockroaches are able to develop immunity against the same family of pesticides that are continuously applied to get rid of them.

In order to tackle this issue, Al Rasa uses different types of pesticides which are applied simultaneously so that there is always a change in the mode of action and would be difficult for the cockroaches to develop resistance to the pesticide.

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Is the Pest Control process safe for infants?

Yes it is! Keeping in mind infants, pets and pregnant women, we make use of organic pest control methods in order to make sure it is safe for them. Click here to learn more!

pest inspection
  • To achieve the desired results in pestcontrol,
    the following must be done:
  • Identification of the pest.
  • Prevent access of pests to food and water.
  • Prevent access of pests to their hiding places.
  • Eliminate the existing numbers of pests in their colonies whenever posible.

Pest Control Treatment In Offices

Pest-related problems in commercial facilities are very common in the UAE. Pests in the office can not only irritate or create health related issues but also can destroy paper works or other important documents in your office.

Apart from this, rats can destroy electrical cables or instruments that might cost you a huge amount of money.

To get rid of these unwanted expenses and also to create a peaceful work environment, we recommend professional pest control service from Al Rasa pest control and building cleaning services.

Pest Control Treatment In Warehouses

Warehouses are home to a number of rats and rodents, thanks to the underground pipelines and holes.

Other pests seen in a warehouse include birds, mice, and cockroaches. Stored product pests are also seen in the stor- age areas of food processing warehouses.

Having pests at your warehouses can adversely affect the working environment and disrupt the business. We, at Al Rasa, use modern and effective strategies in order to eradicate pests at your warehouses.

Why should you choose us?

AlRasa Pest Control has been in the pest control industry since 2007, we understand how hardand stressful it can be to struggle with pests festering around your investments in homes and how traumatizing it can be for your loved ones.

Hence, we have been dealing with pest control effectively based on the requirement of the client to protect your home and prevent these pests from infesting in your homes again!

Our experienced and professional staff makes sure to be thorough with the extermination process that they handle and have proven track records of doing the same! Get in touch with us to know more about our services.

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